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Step Up For Public Schools Step Up or Step Down continuous improvement of public schools As a cheating scandal collided with faulty School Board governance, the entire system’s accreditation was placed in question, leaving many of Atlanta’s children caught in the crossfire. With 76% of Atlanta Public Schools’ students living in homes below the poverty level, the need for accountability from district leadership was urgent. The Bee Colony worked to build and launch the movement Step Up or Step Down with an organizing team of parent partners from across the district. Their efforts became a rallying cry for stakeholder engagement throughout Atlanta, and the founders emerged as the go-to voice of parent advocacy for local and national media. As the twin crises began to stabilize, the movement evolved into Step Up For Public Schools, which works to build sustainable partnerships with others in the community who share an agenda to advocate for the continuous improvement of public schools.
DupontDuPont Global Collaboratoryglobal sustainability
DuPont collaborates with leading thinkers across industry lines to create solutions that foster global sustainability. The Bee Colony positioned one of these initiatives amid a broader thought leadership campaign, supporting a specific product launch in a way that built loyalty and engendered value among stakeholders.  
Verlasso Verlasso, Harmoniously Raised Fishnew ways to make healthy choices about seafood Through an initiative that revolutionized the way fresh and healthy salmon is farmed and brought to market, Verlasso became a leading voice amid the heated conversation surrounding sustainable seafood. The Bee Colony collaborated with L+D Enterprises, a team of food and lifestyle branding specialists, to create the category of Harmoniously Raised Fish. This initiative worked to pave a new way for future generations of chefs, grocers and consumers to make healthy choices about seafood.
Families First Families First’s “I Am the Village”paradigm shift toward the well being of all children Families First works to support communities where all children and families have the opportunity to flourish, succeed and give back. As Georgia’s largest non-profit social services agency addressing the needs of children and families at risk, Families First seeks to lead a cultural transformation to galvanize community responsibility for all children. The Bee Colony is working to launch a movement to inspire and lead a paradigm shift toward mobilizing individual and collective commitment to the well being of all children.
Multi Housing Advisors Multi Housing Advisors (MHA) rebranding and launch in this vital community-building sector Apartment communities are just that – communities. And when they are bought and sold, it’s important that these communities continue to grow and thrive in a way that benefits each family, as well as the investor/owner. Multi Housing Advisors specializes in providing focused brokerage to the multi-housing marketplace. The Bee Colony has helped shepherd the firm through a rebranding effort and an expanded launch in this vital community-building sector.
G-CAPP G-CAPP powerful and purposeful change in the lives of adolescents Jane Fonda founded The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, G-CAPP, 17 years ago with a singular purpose – to eliminate teen pregnancy in Georgia. Since that time, G-CAPP’s work has transformed lives and communities throughout Georgia and has become a model for the nation with its evidence-based work providing education and broader access to public health options for adolescents. The Bee Colony’s work will help G-CAPP establish an expanded positioning to create even more powerful and purposeful change in the lives of adolescents.