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We begin with a clearly articulated Purpose & Vision , which is grounded in a shared vision for change and driven by research that builds a road map. The Platform & Call to Action serves as a unifying thread for all stakeholders and must be a big tent message that galvanizes a strong base of support. This platform becomes the connective tissue among all stakeholders and is the glue that holds the movement together. The communications programs must then serve to Decentralize the Culture and lift up outside voices that share our agenda. This is where many movements fail. To be successful, we must embolden and empower these other voices. When managed properly, these other voices become additional broadcast towers for our brand’s message


Powerful and Contagious Communication works to propel the movement forward. By generating meaningful, relevant, powerful and engaging communication, our earliest audiences are inclined to share with others in their circles of influence and be seen as co-leaders by evangelizing the shared purpose among their networks. The communication content must be supported with Sustained Messaging throughout multiple touch points. A movement can’t go big and go home. Instead, we must be willing to maintain a consistent, clear and actionable message over a sustained period of time.

We must consistently offer our stakeholders a Clear Path to Engage . What do we want people to do as part of the movement? To click a link? To better understand an issue? To shift their thinking on a thorny subject? To show up? To make a purchase or refer friends for a reason? Any and all of this is possible, but we must be clear in our ask. Finally, when the communication effort has reached a stage of Critical Mass, it’s important to circle back and seek feedback from core stakeholders and imbue their perceptions, opinions and creative thinking back into future engagement efforts.

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Social movements are where the branding magic happens today. Every brand isn’t movement-worthy and a movement isn’t the right approach for every organization. But call us and let us share what we’ve learned. Because for those select few who choose to move as well as to market, the impact is transformational and sustainable.

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