Our perspective comes from a unique blend of professional, personal and philanthropic experiences. We follow three simple, yet powerful steps:

Collective Wisdom

part philosophy, part process

Our process of information gathering considers input from all sources to uncover the fundamental story that motivates people to become passionate about a movement, initiative or brand. To this mix, we add unique anthropological investigations, using decades of marketing, communications and public relations professional expertise. We respect, seek and integrate the input of all vested client stakeholders. The result is a 360-degree understanding of the target audience, their needs and motivations, as well as a real life perspective of the action-triggers for each constituent group.

Cooperative Action

where research becomes real; strategy becomes action

The Bee Colony has the flexibility, resources and relationships necessary to identify and collaborate with select, identified partners for specialized tasks, including interactive media/social networking execution, media relations support, graphic design, event strategy, video production and database management. Our clients benefit from this cooperative approach by having experienced, senior level day-to-day contact, and only pay for ancillary services as utilized.

Cohesive Branding

tell an authentic, emotive story with a clear voice

Sometimes changing the paradigm – the lens through which all people look at a company’s platform, product or service – is the way to win more people over, more quickly. The communications story must be both believable and finite in a way that people can get their heads and hearts around. And in some cases, there is a sense of urgency that a story needs to be heard now and remembered long-term. The Bee Colony works with each client to create that cohesive brand story, and then to develop and execute a fully integrated plan to communicate it so that all stakeholders become more informed and motivated toward positive action.