The Bee Colony | The Colony
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Meet Julie The Colony

Just like many cells make one body, many bees comprise the living, breathing whole of the colony. To make this happen, we pull from an established network of communications partners to execute the movement marketing strategy through our collective wisdom and collaborative action. We work with agencies and individuals, assembling the best and most efficient team of talent available for each assignment. Our clients benefit from this cooperative approach by having experienced, senior level day-to-day contact with a team of individuals who truly play to their individual strengths. Even better, clients only pay for ancillary services as they are needed.

The Bee Colony fuses as teammates with thought leaders on the client side. Consider the metaphor of the bee colony and how the concept of “hive mind” works in nature, seamlessly connecting the importance of individual jobs well done, working in synchronicity with the good of the whole. And every step of the way, we’ll challenge you and you’ll challenge us to achieve the best possible result.