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Some dreams you never forget.

I’m driving through a small beach town, just after a storm. The waves are breaking on the street and in the front lawns of the old southern neighborhood. But the threat has passed. The waters are calming.

I feel drawn to a particular house, as if led by magnetic force. I approach the front porch of the quaint clapboard bungalow, and a young man opens the screen door in wordless welcome. I walk through the quiet, marveling at the sunlight dancing off the simple furnishings. And then I see her in the glow.

The Bee Colony, Plan BShe’s a beautiful woman, a good bit older than I and of African descent, draped in red silk and sitting on an overstuffed pillow. She beckons me closer. Not sure what to do, I kneel in front of her and notice two small gold coins on the floor. I place them in her wrinkled palm. She begins to gently rub the coins between her thumb and two middle fingers. My eyes move furtively between her calming gaze and the movement of the coins.

She slows the rubbing and gently opens her hands, to set free two golden honeybees in place of the coins, which fly off into the sunlight. She laughs. I smile. And unfortunately, I awaken.

This dream came ten years ago and there have been many since, but I’ve remained mesmerized by the magic of the bee. The collective nature of their wisdom, which gives them the ability to effortlessly shift from “hive mind” to a singular, powerful purpose. The collaborative nature of their work, with each member of the colony toiling for the sweet honey of the whole. And most importantly, for the abundance and fertility their purposeful work helps to spread throughout the rest of Nature.

And so now, after 25 years of doing what I do, I want To Bee. I want to harness the power of my collective experience and use it in a purposeful way to spark abundance for others. That, my friends, is what The Bee Colony is about. Working collaboratively, with each individual playing to their strengths, with an eye toward energizing the power of the whole.

The idea of creating movements is as old as man. Even early cave drawings indicate messages like “Come with us. Let’s hunt here. Don’t hunt there.” And we’ve all grown up understanding the importance of being part of something, of the power of collective influence. From cultural movements, we’ve learned everything from tolerance and acceptance, to the joys of eating local and recycling everything.

Today’s media environment has enhanced the power, purpose and voice of the individual, as do colonies of bees in nature. Now is the time to harness that power to make a difference in the rest of the world. For non-profits of course, but for big brands and corporations as well. Not every brand is movement-worthy, but for those who engage the power of others to build a movement of support, as opposed to the traditional “awareness, preference, trial” model, the impact is truly transformational.

So join us here, in this movement to build movements. Your voice and your talent is welcome, and so is the powerful energy of your mere presence. And as we move forward, remember this:

Some dreams you never forget.

About the author, Julie Davis Salisbury

Julie Davis Salisbury’s professional reputation rests on her long-proven ability to use effective communications strategy in a manner that boosts the bottom line of business. Throughout her 25-year career she has created, managed, implemented and charted the effectiveness of successful brand building communications programs for such nationally recognized clients as Delta Air Lines, Russell Athletic, Bausch & Lomb, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Ralston Purina.

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  1. Carey Sipp says:

    Congrats, Julie!
    You be a Queen B. You be a Do Bee. You be a Worker Bee.
    I AM grateful to BEE in your flight path. Glad my little Bees have been, too.
    Peace. And thank you.

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